Pumpkin Patch

October 9-31, 2019
Daily 10-8
Sundays 12-8

The pumpkins arrive on Wednesday, October 9 and our second shipment will come on Sunday, October 20.  Trinity offers this fundraiser to the community to support local and global charities.  Charities for 2019 will be selected in August.  The deadline to nominate a charity is July 21, 2019. 

Since our patch began in 2003, more than $200,000 dollars has been donated to charities.  In 2018, the patch generated over $18,000 for charities.

Admission to the patch is free.  Pumpkins range in price from fifty cents to $55 (for the huge ones!).  Gourds, hay bales, and cornstalks are also sold.  Every penny of our profit from the pumpkin sales goes to charity.  We thank everyone for their support.

The pumpkins come from an organization called Pumpkins USA.  It is a fundraising organization that partners with the Navajo Indians in New Mexico.  They grow and load the pumpkins onto trucks that deliver them to us.  This organization sets the prices for the pumpkins.  We do not have the option to discount the prices.  If we did, we would be shortchanging the amount that we give to the charities that were selected to receive funds as well as the amount sent to Pumpkins USA to cover the labor costs, shipping, and administrative costs.  The more pumpkins sold, the more we get to keep for the charities and Trinity does not keep a penny of it.  If we sell over $30,000 for example, we get to keep 40% for the charities.

During the week of October 14-18, we offer field trips.  Preschool and younger elementary classes from other schools, senior adult groups, and special needs groups and classes make an appointment for a one-hour experience in the patch which includes a story telling time and carving of a pumpkin, science experiments or games, snack, goodie bag, pick a small pumpkin, and photo-shoot area (bring your own camera!)  Call 224-2531 to make an appointment.  To include everything as listed above in your experience, the cost will be $5.00 per child.  If necessary, the experience can be adjusted to fit your group.  

Guests may come to the patch any time to use our patch as a backdrop for family, class, or children's pictures.

Church Picnic - Weather Permitting this will be held on the church lawn and in the patch on Sunday, October 20.  It is a covered dish meal.  Meat and beverage are provided.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.  We look forward to seeing you in the patch!